The Seely Curriculum


Seely Primary Universal Curriculum Vision

At Seely, there is a strong curriculum vision which includes a clear focus on the curriculum, pedagogies and outcomes:


Curriculum Intent:

The universal focus is on the curriculum and aspirations the school has for its learners.  It is the content we expect children to learn and it also covers the sequence in which children encounter the curriculum.  It addresses the appropriate coverage, content and structure, as well as the sequencing in which children encounter the curriculum

Implementation of Pedagogy:

The universal focus is on how teachers deliver the curriculum to ensure children build on skills and acquire embedded knowledge to ensure aspirational, cumulative outcomes (subject knowledge, presentation of material, assessment, feedback, responsive teaching and recall of material). 

At Seely there are clear subject frameworks that set out the knowledge and skills to be gained at each phase of the school, resulting in cumulative learning (knowledge) at the end of Key Stage 2 and ready for Key Stage 3.  Equal amount of focus will be placed on the foundation subjects as the core subjects.

We ensure that our children are gaining cumulative skills and understanding through disciplinary and substantive knowledge:

Substantive knowledge (‘knowing about’)
Substantive knowledge is the content that children will learn through curriculum, the key facts that they will remember to help them understand the world and make links with prior, present and future learning.

Disciplinary knowledge (‘ways of knowing’)
Disciplinary knowledge establishes the substantive facts. Children gain knowledge of a subject as a discipline, or range of disciplines, considering how knowledge originates, through observations, learning about  and using different methods and sources, etc. Children are given the opportunity to understand and follow the same processes to find answers to enquiry questions and to consider the validity of these answers.


 Outcomes and Impact:

The focus is on learners developing detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and, as a result, achieving well and going on to destinations that meet their interests and aspirations


The Seely Curriculum:

Our topic-based learning curriculum focuses on clear links across foundation and core subjects, aiming for breadth across the whole curriculum.  Sequences of learning build skills over time from a knowledge base and teachers ensure children can articulate prior learning and current learning and that they can think about future learning.

We ensure the focus is building on pupils’ knowledge and skills year on year.  There are strong frameworks for each subject that prioritise core objectives, a progression of knowledge and key vocabulary.  We think about the essential knowledge a future historian, geographer, scientist, engineer, etc, leaving Seely Primary need to have to continue to find success in secondary school and beyond.  Sequences of learning are relevant and progressive, across subjects and topics. We also ensure that children see themselves reflected in the curriculum, in terms of content, resources, role-models and texts.

Our wider curriculum offers many opportunities, such as, Shakespeare Week, Seely Arts Week, PE opportunities, forest schools, cookery, etc


Key features of the Seely Curriculum:

  • Topic-based learning/ knowledge-based learning
  • Cross-curricular approach​
  • Authentic learning and memorable experiences​ that ensure knowledge is being embedded
  • Clear sequences which set out high aspirations of what children should be learning and when
  • Tiered learning objectives = differentiation and assessment for learning​
  • Focus on vocabulary throughout the curriculum​
  • Weaving learning through texts​
  • Children can excel in the subject they love ​
  • Children leave school as future scientists/ historians/ artists (with a high-quality knowledge and skills-set in each subject) ​
  • Children can recognise themselves in the curriculum​
  • Diversity and inclusion throughout curriculum, at every level​
  • Wider curriculum to enhance learning
  • Partnerships to enhance learning​
  • Engagement for all/ every child matters
  • Pupil leadership

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Curriculum Planning

Our foundation curriculum is carefully planned using a sequence of key documents:

The 'Knowledge Progression Map' sets out the expectations of learning in each year group and phase.  Subjects are also mapped in 'topic overviews' for a quick view of relevant progression of learning and resources across whole school.  This ensures the unnecessary repetition of topics and the cumulation of knowledge and learning year on year.

Medium term plans set out learning sequences and key vocabulary across subjects and topics.  We also ensure that our diversity agenda is embedded across the curriculum and school.

In pupils' books there are 'Knowledge Trackers', which set out expected learning and knowledge acquisiton for pupils across a subject and/or topic.

Tiered learning objectives ensure adaptive teaching and learning is being planned for each lesson and act as a clear assessment tool.