School Access - (times/ gates, etc...)

The Lime Trees Out of School Club is open from 7.30am each morning. Children must arrive via the Perry Road entrance and be taken directly to the club. The club staff will then escort the KS1 and Foundation children to their rooms just before school starts and the KS2 children are allowed to go to their rooms after 8.50am.

Our school start and end times are as follows. 

9.00 AM

Perry Road Gate open at 8.45am - drop off only

Back Gate - drop off only at   8.45am

3.30 PM

Perry Road Gate Open at 3.20pm

(parents welcome onto the school yard)

Back Gate Open at 3.20pm

(parents welcome onto the school yard)

3.45 PM

Both Gates Shut / Locked

Both Gates Shut / Locked


The Perry Road gates are open for children from 8.45am to come into school. This allows for a soft start approach to the day, where children can come into the class and consolidate their learning from the previous day.

Whilst we are aware that some older children come to school by themselves, can you please not send children onto the school site unaccompanied before that time.

Our school week totals 32.5 hours for full time attending students.

School starts promptly at 9.00am and ends at 3.30pm.

Families who have nursery children only, can enter school from Nursery entrance on Gamston Crescent. If you have older children in school, please bring these to school first, via Perry Road, then enter through the lower doors of the KS1 building to take your nursery children.

The main gates are locked at 9am. Entry to the school premises is via Perry Road only during the day.

At the end of the day, Foundation and KS1 children going to The Lime Trees will be collected by a member of staff and escorted to the club. KS2 children go to the club themselves.

Both Perry Road gates and the rear school gates will be opened at 3.20pm for the quick exit from the site.

Children being collected from after school club activities will be taken to either the playground or the main office area for collection by parents when the clubs finish. This will be communicated by the club organiser.

Please telephone the school if you are going to be late collecting your child. Children being collected late will wait with a member of staff either in their classroom or in the office area.

If, for any reason, a person coming to collect children other than yourself, can you please let the school office, or The Lime Trees know as soon as possible.  If we do not recognise the person collecting your child(ren) we will not allow the child to go with them.

The main gates are closed and locked at 3.45pm. Entry to the school site, for the collection of children from The Lime Trees is via the Perry Road entrance, left side. Parent/Carers must say who they are and which child they have come to collect when asked.

Miss Stevenson             Mr Bashford 

    Caretaker                  Site Manager