Personal Development at Seely

At Seely, we build cultural capital by ensuring the breadth of the wider curriculum is contributing positively and effectively to the well-being of all pupils to ensure an effective preparation and deeper level of engagement in and understanding of the world. If children already have had a range of experiences, this will open the doors to them being able to do and achieve more things as adults.

We have devised six ‘Personal Development Pillars’ and activities within Personal Social Heath and Emotional (PSHE) and the wider curriculum are now cross-referenced to one or more of the six pillars.

School is actively preparing pupils for life in modern Britain with this ongoing focus on the six pillars, but also ensuring that they know and understand the ‘British Values’ which are still prevalent within the Ofsted framework. School has also adopted these as ‘Global Values’ and have closely linked the behaviour policy and the school values to these.

The school has an engaging curriculum of practical, memorable and ‘authentic’ experiences to enable pupils to remember and understand transfer a wide range of experiences and skills to retain curriculum knowledge and understanding.  Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education continues to be high on the agenda and two weekly assemblies focus on Diversity and PHSE (Personal, Health, Social, Emotional) aspects of learning.