Music at Seely

Music at Seely is being taught throughout the school from Foundation all the way to year 6 using the exciting and engaging scheme ‘Charanga’. The children can all have access to this at home with their individual logins. It opens up the opportunity to develop their musical knowledge and learn a new instrument too.

Alongside this, year 3 have been learning to play the recorder which prepares them for year 4 where they are able to choose to learn clarinet or trumpet. Lessons in year 4 and 5 are taught by the staff at Nottingham Music Service. In year 6, the children are given the option to continue the progression of their instrument and can go on to take their grade 1 exam.

Expanding listening experiences is important to us at Seely. Every year group has a repertoire of songs they will listen to throughout the year to expose the children to different eras, genres and musicians and composers of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Singing assemblies are also an important part of the week. There are separate singing assemblies for all phases up to year 4.

This year, Miss Jeeves began a Lower Key Stage 2 choir. They are working towards performing in the future school fayres and festivals.

 Music News

This year began with an extremely exciting opportunity for some members of year 5 to attend a music camp in the beautiful settings of Ilam Hall, Derbyshire where they learnt and performed fabulous pieces of music that they went on to learn in Area Band.

Our incredible members of Area Band then performed in the Music Hub’s ‘Christmas in the City’ concert in St Mary’s Church, Lace Market. Some of our talented year 5 and 6 children also performed in this concert singing a festive song in collaboration with children from many other schools in Nottingham. Christmas in the City is run by the Nottingham Music Service, who run some of our music lessons, and was a real showcase of musical talent in Nottingham in which we were honoured to be a part of.

This year, we have a record number of 24 year 5/6 pupils from Seely attending Area Band every Tuesday after school. Pupils attending this perform in many concerts and are given the chance to take their Music Medal exam in year 5 and their grade 1 or 2 in year 6.

At Seely, we have continued to be recognised for all the musical contributions we make and therefore have been awarded by being given the Music Mark again! This shows we have been acknowledged for our dedication to offering and delivering a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring that pupils at our school are able to access and engage with a high-quality music education.