Parent Liaison Worker

Lorraine Boddy

Our Parent Liaison Worker (PLW), Lorraine is here to work with the parent community of Seely, as well as the children and the staff to support you from Nursery through to Year 6. The PLW is available in school at various times of the week but you can contact Lorraine via email or text at any time with any questions you may have. The PLW sources courses for adults / families, organise family activities in and out of school and co-ordinates fund raising events. If you have any ideas, contacts or skills you would like to share or discuss, please feel free to email text or call.

Tel: 07566 733409


Children's Mental Health

If you are worried about your children please do not struggle alone - there are several websites out there that can offer help:-



  • Cooking – this is always such a great activity for children of all ages – lots of learning and something great to eat at the end – if all goes well!!
  • Create your own game – give a child 3 different items and challenge them to come up with a game.
  • Make a Time Capsule
  • Build a den and read
  • Design an indoor obstacle course
  • Do a science experiment – there are loads of ideas online
  • Card games
  • Cover a table completely in paper and encourage the whole family to doodle
  • Make balls out of loads of socks and create games such as tossing them into a bucket
  • Write a lockdown poem
  • Pencil and paper games – get back to basics with noughts and crosses, squares, battleships. Try single person games like `blind drawing’ – look around the room at an object, put on a blindfold and then try and draw it without taking your pen off the paper.
  • Listen to some calming music and give each other a hand massage
  • Make a keep fit video for your friends

 Regular events

Seely Seeds:

Seely Seeds is every Wednesday afternoon from 1.45 -3.15 p.m. in the KS1 dining hall.  This is available to 2yr old children and families who are planning on starting Seely nursery when they are 3.

Families will contacted when spaces are available to invite you to participate in these sessions.

Readers Mornings:

This is an opportunity for you to come in and listen to your child read within their classroom.

  • KS1 (Infants) & Foundation Stage (Reception) Friday mornings,
  • KS2 (Yr 3&4) Wednesday mornings  

Tea and coffee is available from 9.15 onwards in the KS1 dining hall on both days (younger siblings are welcome).

This is a great opportunity to meet other parents for a chat and meet Lorraine and Siobhan.

Within these sessions there is also the chance to get more involved with school events. We are always keen to promote and utilise the skills of the parents that get involved.