SCHOOL Uniform

We recommend that all uniform items be clearly labelled with your childʼs name.

 jumper  tshirt


What should my child wear to school?

Children should wear clothing that is suitable for a day at school, while offering a degree of flexibility. Clothes should be plain, simple and hard-wearing. Anything purchased from the school-wear department of a childrenʼs shop or department store should be suitable. The following colours are acceptable:

  • Grey trousers, shorts or skirt
  • White shirt, polo-shirt
  • Red jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan
In the summer term, children may wear a red and white checked or striped dress.
Is any uniform available to purchase at Seely Primary School?
Unfortunately we do not have the space to store uniform on site. However, there are 3 options available to you:
  1. School uniform can be purchased online from Just Schoolwear or Schoolwear Solutions. Click into the supplier name to be directed to their website. 
  2. Complete an order form at the school office
  3. Pop in to the local Just Schoolwear or Schoolwear Solutions shops to order / purchase uniform items. Alternatively, non logo'd uniform can be purchased from most supermarket or high street stores in our school colours.
What shoes do you recommend?
Children should wear a pair of ʻproperʼ school shoes that are hard wearing and comfortable for a day at school. For PE lessons, children need a pair of plimsolls or trainers. 
What about outer clothing?
The children should always have a waterproof coat at school as we like them to be able to go outdoors unless the weather conditions make this impossible. When it is cold, do make sure the children have a hat and gloves as well.
In summertime, the children need a cotton sun hat. Please be sure they put on a high factor sunscreen before they leave home. We also like the children to have a named water bottle at school throughout the year. 
What clothes will my child need for PE?
Your child will need a white T-shirt and sports shorts. PE kit should be kept in a drawstring bag on your childʼs peg at all times. Please be sure that it is washed at the end of each term as a minimum. A red drawstring bag with the school logo can be purchased through the school from the Just Schoolwear website. 
Does my child need a school bag?
The school book bag is ideal for carrying things.  A Seely Primary School book bag is recommended and can also be purchased online.
What should I do if some of my childʼs clothing gets lost at school?
Please let the class teacher know as soon as possible if something has been lost. If school wear is named it usually finds its way back to its owner. We have lost property areas in both sides of school. Any unclaimed items will be displayed in the playground at the end of each term. Uncollected items will be washed and sold via our pre-loved uniform shop (all of the proceeds from which go back into school). 
Details of our logo'd uniform suppliers opening days / times are available using the following link: