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  • World Religion Day 2024
    We had the most wonderful day celebrating World Religion Day on the 19th January.
  • School Council visit to London.
    On Monday 22nd January, our KS2 School Council members went to London to visit the Houses of Parliament, meet our local MP, Nadia Whittome and see some of the London sights.
  • Cleaning up at Seely!
    Wes from Nottingham City Council and PCSO Nathan showed our Community Rangers how the FIDO machine works to clear dog waste from pavements.
  • Hansel and Gretel from the Nottingham Playhouse
    Foundation 1 and 2 had an absolute blast on Friday watching Hansel and Gretel. Nottingham Playhouse treated us to a spectacular showing of their performance...
  • Sculpting in KS1
    Welcome back to the new term and new year! KS1 have been hooked into their new topic.
  • Getting ready for World Religion Day 2024.
    Last week, our Diversity Defenders told years 1-6 all about their plans for World Religion Day in assembly.
  • Year 1 Sculptures
    Year 1 had a very busy hook day making tin foil sculptures based on the work of Giacometti.
  • Three Little Pigs in Foundation.
    Hazel, Willow and Birch have been exploring The Three Little Pigs story.
  • The Romans in Lower KS2
    LKS2 have researched shield designs and symbolism used in Roman times and learned about soldiers’ armour and weapons.
  • Panto fun for Year 3 and 4.
    Years 3 and 4 were so lucky and very excited to attend the pantomime at The Royal Centre, Nottingham.
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