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Friends of Seely needs your opinions!!

21 April 2023 (by admin)

For those that don’t know, Friends of Seely (FOS) is a group of volunteer parents that come together as a group to raise funds to provide enrichment to the school curriculum.

We are responsible for events such as the Summer Fair, Seely Safari Sale, Winter Festival and initiatives such as the personalised celebration cards and tea towels, as well as charity cake stalls and in the past discos and film nights for the pupils. 

Through these amazing events we have made some significant donations to Seely from the funds raised such as the memories/sensory garden in the Key Stage 1 playground, the book swap shed in Key Stage 2 and more recently £5000 towards the cost of the new iPad’s for every class. 

We are keen to continue with bigger, more significant contributions, to enhance the curriculum for the pupils and make a massive difference to their experience at Seely. To do this we would like to hold some different kinds of events to those held before, such as quiz nights, cheese and wine evenings, discos, bingo nights, and a Seely festival. These events would be held both off and on the school grounds and may include the option to purchase alcohol.

We are seeking your opinion on whether having alcohol sold at Friends of Seely run events would be of interest to you. Please help us understand your opinion by completing the questions via the link below by Monday 8th May 2023

Please also provide us with ideas for any new events and provide us with your contact details if you are interested in either being part of the group or in helping at events.

Thank you for your contribution!