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KS2 Dining Room works and Access

24 June 2022 (by admin)

We are delighted to tell you that the work on the Key Stage 2 dining hall is now complete and it’s looking very smart. The Key Stage 2 children can return to eating their lunch in there from Monday.

The changes to the back gate have also been finished. These included widening the passageway and adding a bigger gate for access.

From Monday, we will return to using this gate, rather than the car park gate. In the morning, the children in years 4 upwards can enter through this gate and walk round to their classrooms. Children in year 3 can also use this gate too if you live at the back of school and it is easier as they are old enough now to walk round to their classrooms independently. The gate will open at 8.45am and close at 9.00am.

At the end of the day, the year 6 children and the year 5 children from 5/6C will be brought out of the back gate by members of staff at 3.15pm. Parents can then enter the school site through this gate to collect their younger children from their classrooms.

A reminder of the finish times:

3:15pm - Year 2 and 6

3:20 pm - Years 1, 3 and 5

3:25 pm - F2 and Year 4

3:30 pm - Gate Shut

Thank you