Seely staff: Who's who?

Headteacher   Mrs Clifford
Deputy Head Teachers   Mrs Morley                                              
    Miss Richardson                                                  
Special Educational Needs Coordinators   Mrs Brett and Mrs Hudson
Foundation Stage Phase Leaders    Miss Clark and Miss Shenton - Hazel Class
Foundation Stage Teachers    Ms McGilloway - Nursery
    Miss Green - Birch Class
    Miss Hughes - Willow Class
Year 1 Teachers   Mrs Spencer - 1S
    Mrs Nijran & Mrs Fothergill - 1FN
Year 1/2 Teacher & KS1 Phase Leader   Ms Gaunt - 1/2G
Year 2 Teachers   Miss Parkes - 2P   
    Mrs Josza - 2J
Year 3 Teachers    Miss Hitchin - 3H
    Miss Jeeves - 3J
Year 3/4 Teacher & Y3/4 Phase leader   Miss McGovern - 3/4MDH 
Year 3/4 Teacher & Y3/4 Phase leader   Mrs Denness-Hulland - 3/4MDH
Year 4 Teachers   Ms Khan & Mrs Ireland - 4KI
    Mr Gyekye - 4G
Year 5 Teachers   Mrs Cosslett and Mr Perez - 5CP
    Mrs Nicholson - 5N
Year 5/6 Teacher & Y5/6 Phase Leader   Ms Capey - 5/6C
Year 6 Teachers   Mr Brand - 6B
    Miss Pantry - 6P
PPA / Intervention Teachers   Mrs Hudson
Level 4 Teaching Assistant   Mrs Cleverley
Teaching Assistants   Mrs Armstrong
    Mrs Arnold
    Miss Balchin
  Miss Benjamin
    Miss Chapman
    Mrs Lee
  Mrs Cave
    Mrs Cragg
    Mrs Day
    Miss Duncan
    Mrs Draper-Hurt
  Miss Hussain
  Miss Karim
  Mrs Katz
  Miss Karim
    Mr Knowles
    Miss Lancaster
  Mrs Leighton
    Mrs Lukacs
    Miss McCarthy
  Mrs McCarthy
    Mrs Rockley
  Miss Smith
    Mrs Stainsby
    Mrs Sulma
    Mrs Virdi
    Miss Worrall
  Miss Wright
Business Manager and Data Protection Officer   Ms Gallagher-Read
Office Manager   Mrs Jennison
Office Staff   Mrs Khan
    Mrs Mirza
  Mrs Coy
Parent Liaison Worker   Mrs Lorraine Boddy
School Counsellor   Mrs James
Site Manager   Mr Bashford
 Caretaker   Mr Poullet
Senior Midday Supervisors   Mrs Lyon and Ms Neill
Midday Supervisors / Lunchtime Staff   Mr Darby, Playworker KS1
  Miss Noble, Playworker KS2
    Miss Stevenson
    Mrs Singh
    Miss Kennedy
  Miss Noble
    Miss Goodman
  Mrs Lupton
  Mrs Kour
    Mrs N Hussain
    Mrs Z Hussain
  Ms MacManamon
  Mrs Afiez
Facilities Support Staff   Mrs Eatherington
    Miss Stevenson
    Mrs Allen
    Mr Stirland