Shelly's Page

Shelly our school tortoise has been with us at Seely for over 6 years now. He was a gift from one of the parent governors and a very excited Foundation Stage collected a tiny tortoise from White Post Farm one snowy December just before Christmas.

He is a Horsefield tortoise his family originating in the mountains of Afghanistan, Pakistan, through to Turkey and Albania. In the wild he would live in a cave feeding on wild plants we would think of as weeds. Here he enjoys dandelions, bramble leaves and kale.

The children love to care for him and enjoy observing him, especially at his bath time, both on visits to their classes and outside in the KS2 quad where he has a run.

In school our Y6 monitors take care of him.

At weekends and holidays we ask for volunteers and he goes to stay with one of our Seely families. The waiting list is very long, he is a very popular tortoise!

If you would like a visit from Shelly watch out for requests on our newsletters.

Please click HERE for information on how to care for Shelly if he was to come and stay with you.

Shellys Adventures

Shelly enjoys his adventures visiting our families at weekends and one of our family's has very kindly shared some pictures of when Shelly spent some time with them (below). 

The children loved picking dandelions for him, helping to bathe him and watching him roam around... they even tried to copy Shelly by getting on ‘all fours’!


Baby Shelly

See below Baby Shelly and his siblings at White Post Farm before he came to live with us here at Seely.